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  • A highly decorated US Army officer who retired after 30 years of service, which included combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • An active police officer in Suffolk County for the past 21 years, nine of which he has also been a Suffolk PBA Executive Board member.
  • Father of a teenage son who enjoys sharing his passion for military service, physical fitness, and sailing.
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Crime & Safety: Back The Blue

Law and order is one of my top priorities. While I will always support peaceful protests, there is no excuse for violence, and riots. Our law enforcement agencies should know they have the full support of their legislature when enforcing the laws here in Suffolk County. Safe streets and neighborhoods are the primary reason our residents have chosen this district to raise their children. I will continue to work with local enforcement to fight the drug crisis. It will be one of my primary goals to ensure that the quality of life choices that the constituents have made are maintained.


Living on an island we need to be aware of the footprint on the environment. We should always look for ways to integrate new technologies to maximize our use of natural resources while minimizing the effect on the land, air, and water around us. To that end, we must also allow our communities to thrive and reinvigorate our Main Streets and revitalize our local businesses. Small business helps the community by pumping back much-needed revenue into the local economy. As a legislator, I will work with our local leaders and community members to finally bring sewers to our district. This will not only reduce the chemicals we put into the aquifer but revitalize our downtown areas, which have been ignored for far too long.


Suffolk County has some of the best school districts in the nation thanks to the dedication of the gifted and talented educators in our schools. As a legislator, I will be a strong voice for local control in decision-making for our children. Quality education is best attained by allowing local districts and parents to make informed decisions for the betterment of their children. We should also be fighting to keep more of our school taxes here in Suffolk County and investigate tax abatements for our Seniors who no longer have school-age children.

Drug Epidemic

As a police officer, I see the horrific effects of the drug epidemic every single day. Given the volume of overdoses and the harrowing effects on the local youth and families, the drug epidemic on Long Island does not get the attention it deserves. Even with our police and first responders making Narcan saves on a regular basis, Suffolk’s residents are using, dealing, and dying from illegal narcotics at an alarming rate. Unlike the city which is plagued by homelessness and violent crime, in Suffolk our biggest crime problem is drugs, and they are destroying our youngest generation. This is a problem every family needs to be educated on and the lookout for. Alternative sentencing programs may work for first-time arrests of addicts, but repeat offenders and especially dealers must be taken off our streets and put in jail.




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